Traveling USA- New York City- Day Two

Hey, part two of my trip to New York City.  You can see Day One here.

Day two started reasonably early because I had booked the 9:30am boat to Ellis Island and Liberty Island, we picked the early boat to avoid the crowds and I really recommend that.  Of course I don’t know what it would be like at 2pm because we didn’t do that tour but every half hour a boat full of people arrive on the island and so it just gets busier and busier.

We walked down to Battery Park to get the boat, I had always though of New York as a very built up city and never thought of it as an island so I was kind of surprised when we got down to the waterfront; it’s really beautiful!

You have to go through various rounds of security checks as you queue for the ferry and once you get on you want to snag a spot on the top deck by the rail so you get the best view. Stay at the back if you want a great view of Manhattan, and the front if you want to get a early peak of the Statue of Liberty.

The weather was beautiful and we started with Liberty island where Lady Liberty was waiting for us.  We took a brief pause so boyfriend could get a burger breakfast (I had some fruit and yoghurt but the food there was not very exciting) before heading into the pedestal museum.  Little tip if you want to go all the way up to the top of the statue you need to book super far in advance because those tickets go months ahead of time, we just got pedestal ones. The museum inside is quite interesting, you get an audio tour when you arrive on the island and this continues inside, and you learn all about the original design and construction of the statue as well as its maintenance.

New York City

New York City

Then we got back on the ferry and headed to Ellis Island which was the entry point for a significant number of immigrants to America in the early 20th century and now houses an immigration museum.  The museum is quite interesting and there’s a lot to see, although I wished they had focused more on how hard the immigration procedure could be on new arrivals because I feel that was glossed over.  We only lasted through the main immigration display though and a quick looksee a the big hall upstairs where immigrants were processed.  Then we had reached our endpoint, I think jet lag was catching up with us a bit.  The food on offer in the Ellis Island museum was pitiful, there was no cafe but a stand and people literally sitting on the floor of the corridor to eat.

We headed back to Manhattan to find lunch.

We ended the day with an evening trip to Times Square.  Highlights included the Toys R Us with the giant ferris wheel and animatronic dinosaur!  We also popped into the M and Ms store and Hersheys Store (where I bought Jolly Ranchers for the gang at work).  Times Square New York really reminded me of Times Square in London, and actually NYC reminded me of London generally. Once again we failed to get any dinner/tea and didn’t manage to stay awake beyond 9pm!

Stay tuned for part three!


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