Great New York Eateries

Whilst we were in New York we didn’t really take advantage of the food options mainly because we were all time befuddled due to jetlag and we didn’t eat in the evening either night (we were only there two nights).  But we did find a couple of nice cafes where we got breakfast and lunch that I really recommend.

225 Bistro- Oliva's Gourmet

225 Bistro- Oliva’s Gourmet

The first is 225 Bistro Oliva’s Gourmet on Broadway which was covered in scaffolding when we went in, but I was still attracted to the mosaic facade.  Inside it was deli style (I think) where there were several counters serving different styles of food like sandwiches, sushi, Mexican, salad etc.  I headed for the buffet which was about $10 for 100g (with a drink my food cost $19! but that is only about £12 which is what I would expect to pay for a good meal here).  I got coleslaw, salad, carrots, roast potatoes, butterbeans, beetroot, and some pasta and it was all really good.  There was so much choice as well.  Their cakes looked really yummy too but we were stuffed!

Cafe Manhattan and Cafe Kabila

Cafe Manhattan and Cafe Kabila

Before heading to Times Square we popped into the Cafe Manhattan (35 West 45th Street) which I really liked.  They also had a lot of choice, although because it was later on they had stopped serving their hot meals but they had a good range of snacks and a huge fridge of drinks including lots of different kinds of chilled green tea which was my thing whilst I was in America.

The next morning on our way to the Museum of Natural History we were looking for breakfast and passed Cafe Kabila (250 West 39th Street).  The oatmeal and blueberry goo (they might have had a better name for it!) was the best thing I ate in America, possible my entire life.  I also got green juice made from veg (I was also into green smoothies and juices as well) which was quite tasty.  Together they cost me about $6 and it was healthy and filling.  Boyfriend got an omelette and had to wait ages for it!  And then there is a weird thing because you have to pay at a separate counter before you sit down to eat which confused me!  But I still really liked it.

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