Traveling USA- New York City- Day Three

Our last day in New York (see Day One and Day Two) wasn’t really a full day- we had a 6:30pm flight to San Francisco which meant we had to leave New York at about 3:30pm.

So we spent the morning at the Natural History Museum so that I could get my dinosaur fix.  I think it was $26 each (that seems to be the price for New York attractions) and I’m not sure it was worth it.  There was a good bit about animals with lots of impressive scenes with stuffed animals, and that includes the famous giant Blue Whale hanging from the ceiling in one of the rooms.  There were lots of bugs too- I like bugs!  And of course there were dinosaurs and other extinct creatures which is undeniably impressive.  But…when you have the Natural History Museum in London that is free the New York one seems somewhat overpriced!  We didn’t have enough time there and it is HUGE so maybe we just didn’t get to see enough of it.  We ate in the restaurant and once again it was mostly uninspired unhealthy burgers and hotdogs that were not helpful to little vegetarian me but there was a buffet as well which saved me!

New York Day Three

New York Day Three

After that we headed to Central Park because we felt like we should explore the park before leaving the city.  The weather was a little chilly and the trees were still mostly bare so the park wasn’t the lush green hangout it looks on the TV.  There was a lot of squirrels however, so if you like squirrels get yourself over the Central Park!  We were surprised how small the park actually is, we walked from the Natural History Museum (on 81st street which was the furthest uptown we went) to the edge of the park (59th street) in less than an hour and that was with some meandering.  We saw some fancy horse drawn carriages, some chess boards, a baseball diamond (chained closed for winter!), and a stage that I danced on.   But Central Park was the biggest disappointment for me.

After that we headed back to our luggage storage, then Penn Station where we got the NJ Transit to JFK Airport to fly on to San Francisco!

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