Traveling USA- San Francisco- Day Two

Our second day in San Francisco and we had a little lie in before setting off towards Haight-Ashbury (literally the intersection of roads called Haight and Ashbury and yes American city planning makes so much more sense than anywhere in Europe), which is a more alternative area (certainly compared to Pier 39), pretty much every other shop was selling weed and also some guy offered me some in the park later on too.  But the other shops were more interesting and there was a nice cafe called The People’s Cafe where we got breakfast (I went for pancakes and veggie juice).  I liked that there tables had glass tops with lots of coffee beans underneath.  I also spent some money on clothes (completely inappropriate once I returned to rainy England) and doodads.  Then we headed into Golden Gate Park which is pretty big!

San Francisco Day Two

San Francisco Day Two

We headed into the Japanese Tea Garden which was a lot smaller than I expected, especially since you have to pay.  It started raining so we went straight under the sheltered and drank tea and ate overpriced biscuits.  We got fortune cookies and mine read ‘You will travel many exotic places in your lifetime’, boyfriend’s was ‘Take a trip with a friend’ which I thought was neat!  There are some nice trees, a large Buddha statue, a worn looking pagoda and that’s about it.  We carried on walking to the Bison paddock so that I could see some bison.  They weren’t really doing anything entertaining but how often do you get to see bison?  At this point I was worried about how much time we had because we needed to pick up our rental car,  I was very tired and dragged myself out of the park crying to boyfriend ‘go without me… just come back late and pick me up’.  But we made it onto our bus and got the car rental in time.

That night we decided to drive back to Golden Gate Bridge, although we couldn’t actually see the bridge given it was night time. We stopped off at Wholefoods before going home too- I fell in love with some Spiced Orange tea and stocked up. We came back home feeling pretty good, parked the car outside and went to bed.

The next morning…the car was gone!  It had been towed and we spent the morning and $500 getting it back!  It was a stressful and expensive lesson in San Francisco parking etiquette!

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