Top Tips For Visiting San Francisco

We spent three days in San Francisco and here are some of my top tips if you’re planning to travel there.

  1. Be careful where you park!  We got towed and had to pay about $700 to get the car back which wasn’t a good start to the holiday.  We park on the street and apparently broke three rules; we slightly blocked someone’s driveway, we were facing the wrong way, we hadn’t angled our wheels on a hill.  We weren’t aware of the last two being serious rules and we thought we had left enough space for people to exit their drive but apparently not.  They didn’t try to find us they just called for a tow because that’s how they do things in San Fran…an expensive lesson to learn.  Pay attention to red lines on the curb which indicate where you can not park, leave a few feet each side of a driveway, watch out for street cleaning times when you can’t park on the street, and pay for parking in designated lots to be on the safeside.

    Kids Playing Tennis

    Kids Playing Tennis

  2. Wear sensible shoes!  San Francisco is very hilly!
  3. Be prepared for changeable weather. It was actually very nice and sunny when we were there in April but I bought some gloves and sunglasses at the same time when I was there because there was a strong breeze coming from the sea.
  4. Buy and eat salt water taffy- it is delicious!  And comes in many flavours!
  5. Don’t bother going to the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park- it’s small and you have to pay to go in.  When you have the whole huge park to explore for free it’s just silly.  There are a lot of Japanese people and influences in San Francisco because of the large numbers of Japanese men who went there to work on the railroads etc so you can find Japanese food elsewhere easily.  Boyfriend is being argumentative and saying he enjoyed the Tea Gardens and it was worth the money, he liked the ‘huge, weird bridge thing you had to climb over’.
  6. Take the early ferry to Alcatraz to avoid the crowds and get something to eat before you go as there isn’t anything on the island you can buy.
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