Touring UK- Grizedale Forest and Go Ape, Lake District

On our last day in the Lake District we headed to Grizedale Forest to Go Ape! Check out my video here!

Go Ape is a treetop experience where you’re clipped in to a harness and trek through the trees over various obstacles.  It’s £30 so not the cheapest option but it was good fun. For your £30 you get a 30mins (ish) training run through where they explain how the system works; there is a cable over each element and you have to safely clip onto the cable each time.  It was a little confusing at first but once I saw the system in action I was fine with it.  Fail to follow the rules though and you can red carded and booted out!


The obstacles include wooden bridges, tight ropes, zip wires, ladders, and two ‘tarzan swings’. The tarzan swings represent the scariest elements but as long as you have faith in the cables holding you then you’ll be fine.  I was fine but boyfriend did have to take a moment at one point.  We also overtook a couple who were struggling to get through one challenging element earlier on.Grizedale

The only problem with Go Ape is that between each obstacle is a platform where three people are allowed to wait.  And this caused some queueing especially at the beginning as you have to wait for slower parties to complete that section of the course before you can proceed.  I would recommend it but would say the thrill factor very much depends on the individual, much scarier after you hit 30 and have already started to contemplate your own mortality.  The kids had no fear!


The Grizedale Forext Visitor Centre also has a nice shop, there was an impressive display on Environmental Photography, and an uninspiring cafe.  We headed home tired but satisfied.

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