Traveling USA- Small Towns

We spent most of our time in America visiting cities and major touristy places, but I just wanted to give a shout out to the smaller places we went to.

We stopped off at Oakhurst before headed into Yoesmite National Park for gas (and on the way back for pain killers for my headache!) and I enjoyed the sign for Pants and Things next to the gas station.

parhump and little townsPahrump, where we spent two nights when we were exploring Death Valley, is equidistant between Death Valley and Las Vegas and a great place to stay if you’re visiting either.  It’s a small town that is huge!  It sprawls out as land here is clearer much much cheaper than in New York for example, many of the houses are bungalow style and have vast back yards because there is no reason to build upwards and cram them in when there is so much space up for grabs on the ground.  There was little in the way of restaurants but there are a few casinos on the main road (the influence of Las Vegas, there’s even a strip club but, judging from the photographs outside, was from the 1990’s).  We got pizza and frozen yoghurt and visited a Wall-Mart from the strip mall (which is different from a strip club…).


And we stopped for lunch at Boulder City when we driving between the Hoover Dam and Valley of Fire and I enjoyed the photo op outside the Area 52 sci-fi shop.

Boulder City Area 52

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