American Food

American Food

I am a terrible person, the kind who photographs there food.  As annoying as this on home shores I think it’s quite interesting to take a look at what people eat in other countries. Granted food in America isn’t all that different from the stuff here in the UK, but somehow they manage to make it so much more unhealthy!

Picture right is some of the breakfasts I was having; pancakes in San Francisco, Omelette and Potato in Las Vegas, and Oatmeal and Green Juice in New York. The oatmeal was the best!

American Food And here are some of the main meals I had.  From top left to right; New York awesome mixed buffet food, San Francisco Chinese food and green smoothie from shopping centre food court, huge plate of nachos from Hard Rock Cafe in SF, Vegan burritos in Las Vegas, Veggie food at Millennium in SF, Random pickle and coleslaw we were brought whilst waiting for our burgers in New York, huge slice of pizza in LA.






And last but not least snacks and sweets!  My trip to America became a mad search for frozen yoghurt; Pinkberry was the best (I so wish we had it here) but the stuff we got in Parhump was much cheaper! I also got bubble tea for the first time in New York and enjoyed it although it’s quite odd, we got green tea and Japanese biscuits at the Tea Garden in SF, and the absolute winner was my intense dulce de leche cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory in Las Vegas.

American Food

A last thought on American food- their chocolate sucks!

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