Visiting China- Jin Mao Tower and Jade Buddha Temple

My trip to China was in May 2009.  My sister and her boyfriend lived over there for a year and I took the opportunity to visit her and a totally different country. I’m not entirely sure what order we did everything in but these are my recollections of China, specifically Pudong, Shanghai.  See my post on the French Concession here.

Jin Mao

We went to the top of Jin Mao tower, well the 88 floor to be exact for which we were charged 88RNB (about £8, but very expensive for China!).  It was, and still is, one of the tallest buildings in the world although a few taller ones have been built around it since my visit.  The view is supposedly spectacular but I don’t think either of us felt that we really got our monies worth especially as it was quite foggy.

jin mao

At the top there is the obligatory gift shop as well as an impressive display of Yao Ming memorabilia.  Yao Ming is a Chinese basket-ball player, he is also very tall (7ft 6″) and quite the Chinese celebrity.  I’m more of a Liu Xiang person myself…

jin mao tower

Of course I wanted to see ‘real’ China by which I mean temples and lanterns so we visited the Jade Buddha Temple, you weren’t allowed to take pictures inside or of Buddha so I just took some of the outside and the fish. The temple was built in 1882, to house two Burmese jade Buddha statues.   The temple was destroyed but the statues were saved and a new temple was built on the present site in 1928.

Jade Buddha Temple

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