Travelling USA: Fabulous Las Vegas- Day One

Mid- April we hit Las Vegas, we stayed for three night at the El Cortez which was very cheap (£80 for three nights for two of us) and we found the room to be really nice.  It was a little strange when they changed the room and lift keys without really telling anyone so we couldn’t get into our room!  We got given El Cortez fun books though with some vouchers and $5 to gamble with each- I made $2.80! We also got some free dice and playing cards as souvenirs too.

Everything in Vegas is big and brassy and bright.

Las Vegas

New New York Las VegasWe drove through Vegas along the Las Vegas Blvd aka The Strip and, as our hotel room was ready yet, we stopped off at the hotels and casinos we saw as they all had some sort of entertainment, usually for free. One of the first hotels we saw was New York New York, complete with Statue of Liberty!

Manderlay Las Vegas

We started properly though with The Manderlay Bay where we visited the (expensive) aquarium which was fun but not really worth the money.  There seemed to be a convention taking place and as I wandered through the food court I got the impression than I was walking through an airport rather than a hotel.  But we headed next door to the hotel proper to get breakfast, passing the pool which I desperately wanted to jump into as it was quite hot in Nevada.  We went to the House of Blues and I got an omelette and potatoes.

We explore some of the other shops on this part of The Strip; the Coca-cola Shop, the M and M shop.  We also saw some of the other random things that pop up in the hotels in Vegas.

Las VegasLas Vegas






We got dinner at The Cheesecake Factory at the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops (lots of shops in Vegas), the painted sky on the ceiling messed with our minds a bit and almost convinced us we were back outside.  I got Dulce de Leche Cheesecake and it was delicious.

Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

That evening we headed out to The Fremont Street Experience which is downtown and off the main strip but right next to our hotel.  FSE is basically a street with bars and restaurants running along each side.  It is covered by a ‘roof’ upon which music videos are projected, that night it was Bryan Adams so we didn’t stay long.  Even if I had like the act I think I would have found it uncomfortable to stare up at the roof screen for long.  Even at night it was still extremely hot and humid.  Which was lucky for the numerous women standing in the street naked, posing for tips.  I found that element extremely unpleasant as these poor women weren’t even working for a set wage.Fremont Street Las Vegas

I could go on about the sexism of Las Vegas (people handing out ‘hot-pussy-for-you’ cards on pretty much every street corner) at length but this post is already pretty long and there’s still day two to get through…

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