Traveling USA: Fabulous Las Vegas- Day Two

Day Two in Las Vegas and there was still a lot to see.We headed over to the Venetian Hotel where there is a replica of Venice complete with gondolas and St Mark’s Square.

Venetian, Las Vegas

We got 40% off tickets to Madame Tussauds so we headed in.  It’s pretty well done, although it’s not huge, andI would have liked a wider range of celebs, they were all pretty Vegas-y like Hugh Hefner and that blonde porn star whose name I’m glad I’ve forgotten!

Madam Tussauds

We went to Circus Circus which has a theme park inside and free acrobatic performances.  We saw some excellent acrobats and I felt sorry for them that they weren’t performing in one of the more prestigious casinos.


Circus Circus

In the evening we went to the Container Park in down town Las Vegas and right next to our hotel.  It had attracted our attention because a group of people were banging drums in the evening next to a giant praying mantis with flames coming from its eyes. It was lots of old shipping containers that have been turned into restaurants and shops.  We ate what is probably the only vegan restaurant in Nevada!  On the grass they were doing a public fitness class and it seemed like a cool place to hang out.

Container Park Las Vegas

On the third day we headed out of Vegas but returned in the evening to watch the Bellagio Fountain perform and Mirage Volcano erupt which is an hourly occurrence.

Bellagio Fountain and Mirage Volcano



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