Top Tips For Visiting Las Vegas

Here are my top tips for visiting Las Vegas:Las Vegas

  • In downtown Vegas avoid the Fremont Street Experience- it’s sleazy Vegas with naked girls in the street, instead check out The Container Park nearby which has little shops, restaurants (including a vegan one!), a stage, and a giant praying mantis that had fire shooting from it’s head!
  • Head into the big fancy hotels like the Wynn, the Venetian, Mandalay Bay etc for the free entertainment like extreme decoration and shows but not for the very expensive restaurants!
  • Watch the volcano erupt in the evening at The Mirage or the fountain display at the Bellagio, the acrobats at Circus Circus, the recreation of Venice at The Venetian (including canal and gondolas), and get discount vouchers for Madame Tussaud’s before you buy your tickets.
  • Gamble- it’s fun, and very Vegasy!  But the casinos are all dingy with little natural light so you can’t really tell how long you’re in there for so watch out you don’t end up wasting the entire trip stuck inside.
  • There are plenty of free parking places in the big hotels and casinos so just park up and wander around in and out of the nearby places before getting back in the car and driving further down.  The Strip is the Las Vegas Freeway and so it’s a busy road, you have to cross the roads at the designated crossings (usually bridges right over the road) and I wouldn’t recommend chancing it anywhere else.
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