Top Tips: Los Angeles

Here are my top tips for visiting Los Angeles:Los Angeles

  • Take a studio tour- we chose Paramount, while it doesn’t have the theme park that Universal does it’s also significantly cheaper! The tour was great and the whole experience was really fun.  You can also get a nice view of the Hollywood sign.
  • Watch out for parking which is hard to get in LA, pay for a parking lot to avoid getting a ticket and be aware of street cleaning which makes certain streets out of bounds at certain times.  Also, if you’re driving, try to stay zen on the LA freeway where exiting through 5 lanes of traffic can be slightly tricky!  Remember that there’s always another turn off…
  • Go veggie!  It’s one of the few places in the world where veggie food abounds so embrace your inner (raw) vegan.  I recommend Gratitude in North Hollywood, we ate there twice and really liked it, it does get expensive though especially if you add on a couple of their delicious smoothies ($10 each).
  • Visit Venice Beach, see the outdoorsy people running, skating, cycling etc and just feel healthier looking at them.  Walk along the promenade and pass by the people selling their wares as you head towards Abbott Kinney for the shops.
  • Visit Hollywood and the Walk of Fame but don’t expect too much.  It’s fun but the hand prints and stars are of people you’ve never heard of or Jennifer Anniston, try not to be too disappointed.  The shopping centre next door is quite fancy and gives a good view of the Hollywood sign in the background.
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