Traveling USA: Coastal Drive Route 1 and Hearst Castle

San SimeonWe drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco along Route/High Way 1 which is long but spectacular coastal route with amazing views of the sea.  We stopped in San Simeon to visit Hearst Castle which was one of Boyfriend’s picks.  Hearst was the inspiration behind Citizen Cane, he made his money through tabloid newspapers and spent it on his giant house filled with ostentatious art.
Hearst Castle

We booked the tour in advance and spent the day driving non-stop to get there on time.  You have to arrive about 40mins early to the visitor centre at the bottom of the hill to ensure you have enough time to get on the shuttle bus that takes you to the house at the top.

Hearst Castle

The tour itself was 45mins long but we only got shown around about 4 rooms, there were too many people on the tour and guide spent most of the time telling people not to touch things.  You aren’t allowed to touch anything apart from the carpet on the floor, including the stuff outside.  But after the tour you are free to look around outside unchaperoned so lots of stuff probably gets touched!  We didn’t think much of the tour really but you can’t visit the house without booking a tour.

Hearst Castle

We also drove through Big Sur at night and saw the sunset over the ocean. Before reaching Monteray where we stayed the night at a motel.

Highway 1



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