Traveling USA – Monterey

Monterey, California



MONTEREY!  My favourite place in America!  It was certainly a great day- it’s a small town near Pismo Beach on the road towards San Francisco.  It’s was sunny but not too hot and there was a cool breeze from the ocean.  We watched people cycling, walking, and running. It was clearly holiday town and I saw it through kind of rose-tinted glasses!

Monterey used to be a famous canning town (for fish I assume?) and the old buildings still exist although now they have little touristy shops and cafes.  There’s a famous aquarium which has tentacles coming out of it but we didn’t venture in so I can’t review it.


When we arrived in Monterey, in mid-April, the beaches were closed off for seal cubbing, they had grown a bit by the time we arrived but basically we spent most of our time in Monterey by the harbour with all the seals!

MontereyWe also took a drive along a section of the scenic 17-mile drive which costs $10 to drive along and supposedly offers some great views of the coast.  I think you can get better views of the coast for free but I didn’t mind paying since I was in such a good mood.  We past several golf courses and a equestrian centre which put the kybosh on my plan to move to Monterey as it’s clearly where only the rich people live!   We didn’t do the full route because it took so long as you have to drive really really slowly along it and we had to get back on the road to San Francisco.



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