Visiting China- Fuxing Park and The Bund

When I visited Shanghai, China in 2009 we spent an afternoon at Fuxing Park in the former French Concession.  Created in 1909 as Gu’s Park it was the largest park in Shanghai, during French occupation it became a military encampment, then it was renamed Daxing Park by the occupying Japanese.  In the mid-20th century it was reclaimed by the Chinese and named Fuxing Park.

China Fuxing pARK We went into Fuxing Park and were greeted by the long list of Park Rules which included ‘visitors are expected not to urinate or shit’, and ‘no playing mahjong in the park’ because you know what mahjong players get like after a few cups of green tea… There was a nice lake where people were zorbing (those big ball things you can run around in), there was tea house, people running backwards (which is a Chinese thing, it works the muscles in the back of legs more, they even have rear view mirrors attached to their heads).

Fuxing pARK1

The Bund is on the Puxi side of Shanghai overlooking the river it has a good view of the Pearl tower and all the lit up skyscrapers. We went to the Captain Bar where we got this view of the Shanghai skyline.  On the Bund no new buildings are allowed in stark contrast to the rest of Shanghai which was rapidly developing.


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  1. Wanna go agaiiiin


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