Scuba Diving in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik CroatiaWhen we were in Dubrovnik, Croatia ( AKA best holiday ever!) we enjoyed some water sports, specifically scuba diving and kayaking.

We went to the Blue Planet Diving centre in Lapad.  I booked before hand which was me sending an email telling them how many people and what day (that’s how you do things in Croatia).  The price included a van pick up from our accommodation to the centre which was really helpful, although not home again afterwards.


Dubrovnik Croatia

I paid when we arrived at the centre which is in a hotel, it was about 1000kuna which is about £100 for two of us.  We waited outside by the water’s edge until our instructor arrived (dressed only in a speedo which I found slightly distracting) to talk us through diving. It was our first dive so we had about an hour of chat first before we actually kitted up and got in the water. We hadn’t been told anything before hand about what to wear or bring (that’s how you do things in Croatia) so I was glad that I wore my swimming costume under my clothes as we had to get changed out in the open.

The kit includes the scuba suit, the oxygen tank, a weight belt, and about a million other heavy things so I struggled at first and I had to ask to be allowed to unzip the neck of my suit and pull my hood down. That’s why my hair looks crazy on the pictures!  It was a really awesome experience, we had about an hour underwater (we went about 5m deep!) and really loved it.  It was quite scary at first though! Afterwards we got about 100 photos from them for 10kuna which we thought was a bargain.


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2 thoughts on “Scuba Diving in Dubrovnik, Croatia

  1. Awesome scuba photos.


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