Top Tips For Visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia was my best holiday and I really recommend a trip there, here are my top tips if you do decide to visit.

  • Dubrovnik is hilly!  Be prepared for some walking around and walking up and drown plenty of stairs.  If you have trouble walking  then plan ahead with your transport but be aware that cars and buses can’t actually go up steps and at some point you’ll have to get out and walk!
  • Dubrovnik is hot!  In the summer the temperature in the old town can get around 40 Celsius.  We went in September and it was it did get up to 30.  The one day I forgot to apply sun block I got really burnt on my legs and was in pain for the rest of the week!
  • Dubrovnik is expensive- or at least eating in the old town can be.  There are some nice places there but in some restaurants it was just silly with sea food dishes costing over £100!
  • Explore the sea- go swimming, kayaking, and scuba diving.  The water is clear and blue and beautiful and you can dive right in.  If you are an experienced diver than there are sunken ships you can visit.  Watch out for sea urchins though!
  • Visit Mljet– definitely the best day of the holiday was our trip to Mljet where most of the island is a National Park and you can hike, cycle, and swim.
  • Visit Nishtas- it’s the only vegetarian restaurant in town and it’s yummy!  It’s in the old town, and it’s very small so you need to book in advance.
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