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Alright so Leeds isn’t great for food, it’s covered in uninspiring chains like Wetherspoons and takeaways.  It can be pretty hard to get good, affordable, healthy, veggie food but here are a few places I like to head when I’m feeling peckish.Everyman Cinema

The Everyman Cinema is a cinema (duh)  but I’ve never actually been to see a film there.  Instead I’ve been for the pizza and Sundae’s.  The Pizza is good, the Sundae’s are great! They are full of ice cream, chocolate sauce, cream, Oreo cookies, Maltesers, and Baileys and they’re pretty epic!

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is a Japanese restaurant (again duh) in the centre of Leeds.  I’m really not a fan of Chinese food but find Japanese more palatable (not as good as Thai though!).  The menu is extensive and there is a koi pond in the restaurant.


Wasabi is a new obsession of mine, and I’m not entirely sure why.  It’s not a proper sit down restaurant and is really more geared around grabbing a quite bite of sushi or some noodles to go.  I prefer to buy bubble tea and mochi than real food, but whatever you buy it always ends up being more expensive than you though it would!

Arts Cafe is a great example of modern British food, and they can always be relied upon Arts Cafefor a few good veggie options.  They have a habit of being a bit too fancy with their menu and sometimes we do have to google things to figure out what they mean, but it always tastes good.  Also The Arts Cafe is one of the only  places you can get a coke float in Leeds. Expect to pay £10-15 for a main.

Pizza ExpressPizza Express is my favourite restaurant!  It probably won’t shock you to hear that they make pizza at pizza express and that they’re pretty quick about it.  But they make really good pizza and the Padana is pretty close to perfection (it’s spinach, goat’s cheese, and onion marmalade btw).  .


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