Veggie Food!

While we were in America I had mixed fortunes with finding veggie food- places like San Francisco and LA furnishing more options than Yosemite and Death Valley, and especially fast food on the road.  But I did find a few places of note:

  • New York- Olivas Bistro, a buffet place with a wide range of options (including meat), it also did sandwiches, sushi, hot food, cakes etc.  My little plastic container was Vegetarian Fooddelicious and very filling (it did cost me $19 though!).
  • San Francisco- Millennium, which I thought was ok but boyfriend really loved.  It was quite dark in there and I wasn’t convinced by the atmosphere but I don’t have any real complaints!
  • In Las Vegas, of all places, boyfriend found a small vegan place in the Container Park which is stacks of containers turned into restaurants, shops, and bars.  I got a good green juice and a decent vegan burrito thing with chips (super disappointing when you remember chips are crisps and not fries).  Although I’m not vegan and would really rather have my food smothered in cheese and chocolate.
  • In Los Angeles I really like Cafe Gratitude which we visited twice, it had a lot of raw vegan food which is just impossible to get here!  Also all their meals are named things like ‘I Am Beautiful’ or ‘I Am Generous’ etc. Only in LA! I also had a really good smoothie each night, the desert we tried was less impressive but overall America sweets were disappointing as their chocolate is like our brown wax.

Nishta DubrovnikIn Croatia, veggie food was near impossible to find, there were not pre-made sandwiches in shops and limited fillings available for me to make my own packed lunches.  Restaurants were heavy on meat and fish, I had a salad here and there but didn’t really get a proper meal until we went to Nishta, the only vegetarian restaurant in Dubrovnik. Their veggie burger saved my life, I got their homemade ice tea too because it was cheap(er) and plentiful but I would say it was mainly water!

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