Giant’s Causeway- Belfast

Well we couldn’t go to Belfast and not visit Giant’s Causeway, could we?

Giant's CausewayWe booked a coach tour thinking it would just be a coach straight to the Causeway, instead there were several stops along the way. Although the Irish coast was beautiful (at one point you can actually see the coast of Scotland!) we should have research the tour more so we knew what we were getting!June Belfast

The Causeway itself is free but to visit the Visitor Centre (which has audio tours, cafe, shop, and toilets) you have to pay.  We paid and got the audio tour and I think it was worth the money- you get to hear the story of Finn MacCool, the Irish giant challenged to fight the Scottish giant Benandonner.  Finn pretends to be a baby and Benandonner, seeing the size of the baby and assuming it’s parent to be even bigger, flees destroying the causeway as he goes.

June Belfast (2)

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2 thoughts on “Giant’s Causeway- Belfast

  1. Looks like you got lucky with our weather. Not easy haha.


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