Browns For Breakfast

Feeling a little hungry post run we headed to town for a bite to eat, and ended up at Browns.  This place is not somewhere we’ve gone before for food as it’s a bit fancy (expensive) and I don’t think the veggie options are particularly great.  But we thought we’d check out breakfast, although by the time we got there it was 11:50am and really more of an early lunch.

Browns I got scrambled eggs on toast (£4) and boyfriend got the traditional breakfast (£9).  My eggs were perfect only it seemed like half of them were missing. It was probably the smallest portion of scrambled eggs I’d ever seen (although to be fair it’s not like I travel the country examining scrambled eggs).  They were delicious though.  Boyfriend’s breakfast seemed a more appropriate portion size and he ate it all up, apart from the black pudding because that is always gross.

The place does have that old school charm where there are coat racks made of brass and staff where white shirts and long aprons, and the service is in keeping with that style. It was very polite, although I find it a bit weird to be called madame, especially by someone who is clearly about 10 years younger than me.

The decor is very smart looking, but in a way that you could be an extra in a Miss Marple mystery.  Lots of wood paneling and ferns.  And they give you the bill on a tiny clip board.

Definitely a step-up from Whetherspoons.  But I suppose the real question is whether you want a small, expensive, portion of perfect eggs for breakfast or a large, cheap, portion of alright ones?


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