Visiting Olympic Stadiums- Berlin

Berlin Stadium

Photo Under Creative Commons

The Olympic Stadium in Berlin was built for the 1936 Olympics in the Southern part of the Reichssportfield (today called Olympiapark Berlin).  That would be the Nazi’s third reich, as these Olympics were staged just 3 years before WW2 with Adolf Hitler presiding.  For Hitler it was all a publicity thing to illustrate the superiority of the German race by winning all the medals.

Berlin Stadium

Photo Under Creative Commons

One of the best known celebs from those Olympics was Jesse Owens, a black American athlete who won four Gold medals, breaking 3 world records in the space of an hour.  He challenged the Nazi propaganda and Hitler refused to shake hands with him.  It should be noted though that 1930’s America wasn’t particularly progressive, on his return Owens found few opportunities for work and ended up racing horses- that is racing alongside horses as a novelty act to see whether he was faster than a horse.

Berlin Olympic Stadium

I visited the Stadium (which is now the home of the Hertha Berlin football team) about 10 years ago on a college trip.  I only took a few pictures which is why I used some others I found with a creative commons license to show the outside and one during the Olympics.

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