UK Weekend Break- Oxford

Ah, Oxford. Home of the great Oxford University…and that’s it!  The university is almost 1000 years old (which is crazy, although women were not allowed in until 1875, and not allowed to get full degrees until 1920 and even then the number of women was limited by a quota).

It’s a city university so there is no main campus but rather the buildings are spread across the city.  Even though it’s a city it isn’t very big, but it does have a cathedral which acts as both the church for the Diocese of Oxford and the college chapel for Christ Church college of Oxford University.  And that’s a running theme; all the buildings here are in some way attached to the University, but almost all of them you can pay to take a tour of which must be quite strange for the students.

Below are some views of Christ Church College and the cathedral.  The cathedral was too big to fit in the photos as we were walking past so I caught the back of it through the railings!

Oxford Cathedral

There is impressive architecture everywhere in Oxford and one of the first places we came across was the Bodleian Library which dates back to 1602. We popped into a little display on Radcliffe who was a rich guy from the olden days who left his money to the library.  We didn’t look around the rest of the library though as you have to pay for a tour, I also think that must be really annoying for students trying to use the library?
Bodleian LibraryI have more to share from Oxford but I’ll spread it over a few posts!

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