Using Skyscanner and Flight Checker to Find Destinations

So, I’m obviously not the first person to discover Skyscanner, Flight Checker (on Money Saving Expert) or other flight price checking websites but there is a couple of cool functions that you might not be aware of.

On Skyscanner you can choose your destination as ‘Everywhere’ which is really good if you want to go on holidays but don’t really know where to go. You can also set you departure location as ‘UK’ (or your country of origin) which is good is you have a few airports near you to choose from, and you can set the date to ‘Whole Month’ or even ‘Whole Year’ if you’re not sure when you want to go or you want to see when is cheapest. Skyscanner

Then you get a result like this’ a list of all the places you could go in price order (starting from prices, these will go up as you chose your dates etc).  Of course you’ll then need to click on each destination to see where the plane takes off from, lands, and the dates, and how many changes there are.SkyscannerAnd if you go to Money Saving Expert and use their Flight Checker tool you can search for flights based on price, so you can specify the destination country or chose to go ‘Anywhere in Europe’ but also say you only want to pay £50 or £200 or whatevs.  The major pro is that you automatically get rid of places you can’t afford but the drawback is that it’s only Europe on Flight Checker.

Flight Checker

And the results are displayed in a way very similar to Skyscanner which is list of destinations in price order, however it does break it down slightly further and you can see the cities available right away.  You can also see the prices for trips slightly shorter or longer than your original choice. On the whole I like Flight Checker better but it’s a shame it doesn’t give you global results. Flight Checker

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