Where I’ve Been- USA and Canada!

Below is a map of the places I’ve been in the USA. As you can see I’ve hit the coasts and left quite a bit of the middle unexplored!  That’s New Jersey, New York City, Maine, New Hampshire, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and Monterey. I’ve also been to Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City in Canada.

USAMy first trip to America was in 2005 with my mum and it was one of those package trip deals where you get coached around the country for 2 weeks.  We arrived in New Jersey and traveled around New England and Canada. We stayed in 7 different hotels in 12 days and often had to check-out before 8am. I felt sick and tired and jet-lagged the entire time! Not that much fun 😦

Los AngelesMy second trip in 2014 was much better, even though it was also road-trip style. We spent 2 day in New York before flying to San Francisco and then spent 2 weeks driving around the West Coast.  Even though much of the schedule was pre-planned and booked it was much freer and more enjoyable- for one thing I had a much bigger say in what activities were planned but also that we (well not me!) were driving ourselves and could be flexible about when we set off.

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