London- Natural History Museum

I’ve been to the Natural History Museum in New York and paid about $26 for the privilege- it was a good museum with lots to see but so is the London Natural History Museum and it’s free (you do have to pay for temp exhibitions).

There are different zones to help you navigate the Museum; blue zone featuring dinosaurs, large mammals, and life on Earth, red zone which concentrates on the forces that have shaped the Earth, green zone on living creatures and their environments, and the Darwin centre in the orange zone.

In the main hall there is a cast of a Diplodocus skeleton which has been there since 1989 but is set to be replaced in 2017 by an 82ft blue-whale skeleton.  That hall features a statue of Charles Darwin and displays on the evolution of the species.

LondonThere’s another entrance (on Exhibition Road), which I prefer as it’s usually quieter, which brings you in at the bottom of an escalator into the red zone.  It used to have statues of Atlas, Medusa, Cyclops, an astronaut, and a scientist to represent exploration of the world and space.  Now there is a large Stegosaurus skeleton.

LondonLondon4Once you’re in red zone you can play in the earthquake simulator which recreates an 8.9 level earthquake which hit Japan in 1996.

It was captured by the Kobe supermarket security cameras.

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