Africa- Angola

As is the way of these things despite being one of the World’s major oil producers Angola remains one of the World’s poorest countries- alas that wealth refuses to trickle down.

Angola became independent from Portugal in 1975 but then had 27 years of Civil War, in the first 16 years 300,000 people were killed before peace settlements were attempted. Makes you think that perhaps the European policy of wandering into Africa and taking bits for the collection wasn’t perhaps the most well-thought out plan ever…certainly not for the people of Angola. When the fighting worsened in the late 1990’s the peacekeepers left the country leaving behind a bunch of landmines as leaving presents.

Angola is still rebuilding it’s infrastructure, resettling refugees, and trying to access area still blocked by landmines.  Many people are reliant on food aid and live on less than $1 a day.

There are about 24million people in Angola and over 100 ethnic groups and dialects, although Portuguese is the official language of the country.  Rice and beans is a common meal, but Funge is a staple, which is apparently similar to polenta made from corn meal.  Angola has never won an Olympic medal but, of course, football is the most popular sport in the country.

Last month the TV show Jikulumessu broke through barriers by airing a gay kiss for the first time, and then quickly suspended the show after people complained…so perhaps the barriers were just dented?

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