Africa- Benin

Ok, I’ll admit it. I had never heard of Benin before.  It is a country in West Africa, formerly Dahomey. Porto-Novo in the South was a key port shipping slaves to America in the C17th.  After the abolishing of the slave-trade the country was taken over by France (because that was how things worked back then I guess?!?).

You know the French national motto is “liberté, égalité, fraternité” (liberty, equality,fraternity), well the Benin national motto is “fraternité, justice, travail” (fraternity, justice, labour) which is a little different.

Anyway, there are nearly 10 millions people living in Benin, and I didn’t even know they existed. Agriculture is the main industry and cotton the main export. Many Beninois in the south of the country have Akan-based names indicating the day of the week on which they were born.  Which I think is a fun tradition.

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