YO! Sushi

I’m a latecomer to Sushi, but I’m finally converting.  A major reason is that I don’t eat fish or meat so I always assumed there would be nothing for me (people telling me ‘no, no it’s really mostly rice’ did not convince or entice me either).  I have a ‘thing’ about getting enough protein, as well as building muscle it always makes you feel full and less hungry.  Most sushi is seafood based so you do have to be careful with the veggie stuff that you get some tofu or edamame in there for the protein.

yo sushi

I finally went to YO! Sushi.  Small plates of sushi are sent around on a conveyor-belt next to the tables and you pick up anything you want.  The food isn’t labelled but you compare it to pictures on your menu to determine what it is.  The plates are different colours and each colour is a different price, at the end of the meal the waitress counted up the plates and we were charged accordingly.

yo sushi

Sine all the food is already made and you don’t have to order anything (although you can) it’s very speedy.  I did have to wait a bit for more veggie stuff to go around though but I got edamame, sea weed salad, a pumpkin katsu, avocado sushi, and chocolate mochi.  They were all awesome- the mochi was the best!

It’s also potentially expensive, as it’s so easy to keep picking stuff up without thinking about how much it will cost.  But the veggie stuff is cheaper than the meat stuff so that was a bonus! I’m already planning my next trip!

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One thought on “YO! Sushi

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your first taste of sushi! I really love the avocado sushi and the pumpkin katsu – super yummy!


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