Berlin, Belgium, France and the Second World War

You may be aware that there was a war or two in Europe in the middle of the last century…I went to Berlin, as well as Belgium, and France for a college trip as part of my history course when we were studying the interwar period.

You can still see the divide in Berlin where the Berlin Wall split the city and country in half.  Check Point Charlie was the crossing point between East and West Berlin, and is now a museum and a tourist attraction. There is a mast with an image of a Soviet soldier on one side and an American on the other.


Here are some actual World War Trenches, you can see the cramped conditions that the soldiers were living in.  But more crazy (imo) is how close they were to the enemy forces at this point.  The photo below left is a bit fuzzy but it is taken from inside a trench and you can see someone standing in the enemy trench on the other side. BerlinAnd even more cheerful was this trip to a concentration camp.  The photos of the extermination camps are truly horrific, this camp was not one where people were killed but according to the tour we had they were forced to wear new trainers and run around in circles until they wore them out.
BerlinSo this was a depressing post- but then it was a relatively depressing trip!  I do think this period of history is as fascinating as it is horrible, and important to remember.

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