Munich Olympic Park

Munich Olympic Park

The design of the Munich Olympic stadium was considered revolutionary, with sweeping canopies of acrylic glass stabilized by metal ropes.  Honestly, it just looks a bit weird now, and sort of like it’s still being held up with scaffolding.

The 1972 Olympics were the second held in Germany after the 1936 Berlin games, which had taken place under the Nazi regime.  The organisers were eager to distinguish the two games and present an optimistic, democratic Germany with the slogan; Die Heiteren Spiele or the cheerful Games.


Unfortunately, the games would not be remembered for the eight gold medals that American swimmer Mark Spitz won, or even the controversial Basketball final between the USA and the Soviet Union (America had won 50-49 but the last 3 secs were mistakenly played twice allowing the USSR to win 51-50).

Instead it was the murder of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches by a Palestinian terrorist group that remains the abiding memory. There was an 18-hr standoff and a botch attempt by the German authorities which resulted in the murder of all the hostages, 5 of the 8 of the terrorists were killed as well.
Munich Olympic ParkNow you can visit the park and wander around for free.  You can swim in the Olympic pool for about 5euros and head up to the top of the Olympic tower for about the same (see the view from the top below).

We also visited the stadium (which is now used for musical events, and looks somewhat depressing without the track).  You can pay about 40euros to climb onto the stadium roof and walk around, about the same to zipline from one side to the other.  We paid 3euros just to wander in and look around, there is also a really dull film about the Olympics. Munich Olympic Park

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