Munich: Deutsches Museum

Deutsches MuseumWe strolled along the river to the Deutsches Museum, it was about 11 euros each for general admission which was pretty reasonable given the impressive size of the museum.  We arrive about 10:30am and left about 3pm having seen about half of what was on offer.  Some of the galleries were closed for refurbishment, and some technical difficulties meant the planetarium was not working which was a shame, but there was still tons to see.  Deutsches Museum

We started with boats, submarines, and diving, which was a big exhibition.  All the displays had the text in both German and English, so it was very easy to understand. There was also a big display of aircraft, some of the World War Two ones had had their swastikas removed as post-war German law made their depiction illegal (although it does depend on their context).Deutsches MuseumThere is also the Rachel Carson centre for environmental stuff- like this knitted coral reef.  In the 1950’s Carson wrote ‘Silent Spring’ where she explored the idea that the environment was being damaged by synthetic pesticides.  The idea was opposed by chemical companies but ultimately led to a ban on DDT and other pesticides.

Deutsches Museum

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