Handy German Words (That I learnt On Holiday)


I don’t speak German and everyone in Munich spoke excellent English.  But these are a few word and phrases we picked up on our recent trip that proved quite useful.

Bitte- Please
Danke- Thanks
Good manners don’t cost anything.

Drucken- Push
Ziehen- Pull
Written on the doors, helpful when you’re trying to get in somewhere.

Ausgang- Exit
Eingang- Entrance

Damen- Women
Herren- Men
The importance of these words will become apparent when you need to use the toilets.

Flughafen- Airport

So there is the S-Bahn trains, the U-Bahn subway, and the Busbahn buses.

Schloss- Castle
Bad- Bath
Tourist attractions, bath meaning swimming pool or a spa town if it’s part of the place name.

Dunkle- Dark
Bier- Beer
So dunkle bier is a thing.

Nuss- Nuts
Erdnuss- Peanuts
Haselnuss- Hazlenuts
Gemuse- Vegetables
Kase- Cheese
My boyfriend is allergic to nuts, and I am a vegetarian.

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