La Palma, Canary Islands- Fuencaliente

Fuencaliente La Palma

Looking for a last bit of sun before the autumn properly set in we headed to La Palma, one of the lesser known Canary Islands.

On our first full day in La Palma we headed South towards the Fuencaliente region which has the two volcanoes San Antonio and Teneguia, a beach of volcanic sand, and the Fuencaliente lighthouse. From the main city of Santa Cruz we got the bus and it took about 40mins and cost 2.10 Euros each- just to compare that about £1.70 and it cost me £3.60 for the 30min journey to the Airport in the UK.

Anyway, the bus stops in Los Canarios and it was a simple 15 min walk to the San Antonio volcano.  Don’t get too excited it wasn’t spewing lava or anything and is more of a large crater with a remarkable amount of greenery giving that it’s all volcanic sand and rocks rather than decent soil.  It’s not a long walk around and you get a great view down to the coast for the highest points.La Palma fuencalienteWe headed back towards Los Canarios where we found a little place to eat called La Era which was ok but not great and very limited on it’s veggie options!  Then we deliberated whether to get the bus to Teneguia and then walk to the lighthouse or walk the whole way- it was less than 6km so we decided to walk. The most remarkable thing about the walk was the  incredible dark earth and rocks around us, as it’s all from the volcano. We also got a glimpse of the beach which was even darker than it appears in the photo- the white balance was going a bit crazy!fuencalienteUnfortunately, we didn’t have time to go to the beach. Once we reached the lighthouse we were able to check the bus timetable and saw there was one leaving in 10mins or 1hr and 10mins and we decided to take the early on back to Los Canarios, as we also had to get the bus back from Los Canarios to Santa Cruz.  We had a few minutes at the lighthouse to take some photos, and see the salt plains (where they collect salt from the sea), and also go the toilet which was a pressing need for me!fuencaliente

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