La Palma, Bananas

BananasThey grow bananas in La Palma, lot of bananas!  Because the island is a volcano all the soil is volcanic ash meaning that it’s not the best to grow stuff in but bananas seem to manage.

They were all over the island, or at least the base of the mountain as they don’t grow well higher up as it’s cooler up there.

They also need a lot of water and respond well to the ‘horizontal rain’ they have in La Palma.  This is the permanent clouds that surround the mountain and are full of moisture.  This moisture is soaked up the the vegetation, and the islanders have created irrigation tunnels from the top of the mountain down the bottom making La Palma extremely green.

I had never seen bananas growing before and didn’t realise what bonkers looking flowers they have at the bottom!P1010842P1010839

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5 thoughts on “La Palma, Bananas

  1. I’ve heard that volcanic ash is a good fertilizer.

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    • Hmm, I’m just going from what boyfriend said who seemed weirdly knowledgeable about both volcanic ash soil and the growing abilities of bananas…but if you’re right it would explain why the island is so green!

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      • I double checked with Google who knows all things and that’s basically what I have found. Once the soil isn’t weathered, it’s great for growing things. Of course each crop requires different nutrients though, so who knows?

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      • Well boyfriend was talking rubbish then, as usual!
        I trust Google over him!

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      • Haha. You know men. They always want to trick us into thinking they are the experts on everything. I google everything mine says. He hates it. =”D


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