La Palma- Cinnamon Bar

We wanted to visit Cinnamon Bar when we stayed in La Palma as we had read on tripadvisor that it had good veggie options and it was right next to our accommodation.  The first night it seemed to be half open and half closed, it looked like for a private event, the next night was Sunday and barely anything was open at all, so it wasn’t until the third night we were able to try it out (and even then not until after 8pm, crazy Europeans).

The menu was only available in Spanish but the waiter translated everything for us, there were a few veggie options, which for Spain is a lot!   I got some spring rolls with banana sauce drizzled over- they were nice but really felt more like eating a starter and I couldn’t taste any banana although I’m not sure if that was a bad thing or not.

Boyfriend got a huge lump of meat which apparently was quite nice, and annoyingly the same price as mine!  We both got desserts, I went for meringue.  I’m not sure why because I always find it too sweet and it was, and boyfriend got some pastry with coffee goo in between the layers which he liked.

La Palma Cinnamon Bar

I would recommend a trip to Cinnamon Bar as it was a nice laid back atmosphere and the food was good, shame though that the veggie option had such a small portion.

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