Ingleton Walk

Ingleton is a little village in the Yorkshire Dales- that’s the countryside!  It has an open air swimming pool which is pure madness, it must be usable about one day of the year.

But we headed to the Ingleton Waterfall Trail.  The trail is about 4miles long, has 1000 steps, and 15 waterfalls (so they say).  It took us about 2hrs to get around, and cost £6 each to get in.


We walked along the River Twiss and River Doe as well as getting a nice view of the hills.  There were indeed a lot of steps, but the 15 waterfalls failed to emerged, turns out we have differing opinions on counting.  There was a big waterfall with 5 platforms that I counted as one waterfall and the Ingleton Trail bigwigs counted as 5. Collages5

So we really saw about 5 or 6 waterfalls, but I did think 15 was just silly.  Regardless it was a nice walk, that would perhaps have been nicer in the summer when it wasn’t quite so nippy out and at least one of us was quite tired by the end.

We also saw the money trees and money mushrooms where people have, somewhat inexplicably, decided to stick coins into trees.  Not sure what the motivation is there but I think the consensus was that it’s better than Love Locks.Collages3

We stopped for lunch at the Ingleton Waterfall’s Trail Cafe where I got green tea and cauliflower cheese veggie sausages (yes sausages made from cauliflower cheese which was nicer but as weird as you imagine) and a truck load of chips.

In some ways the chips were the best part of the day but, honestly, that tells you more about me than about the walk.

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