Travel of 2015

It’s not been my most traveled year but I have had a few trips and I thought I would look back on the highlights.

La Palma- my first time in the Canary Islands!  It’s a shame neither of us could drive because the island is not easy to navigate without a car. But the mountain did provide the highlight of the trip, seeing the cloud in the caldera.  We also visited the telescopes on the top of the mountain which was cool, and I like seeing the bananas that were growing everywhere.


Boyfriend and I took a trip a little nearer to home to Liverpool, we spent a night in Liverpool and then headed on to Southport with a stop at Crosby Beach to visit the Anthony Gormley sculptures. The highlight for me though was Etsu a yummy Japanese restaurant were I enjoyed Gyoza and Tempura.

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Munich was hot!  At times a little too hot.  We spent ages at the Deutsche Museum, before heading out to the Englischer Garten where everyone was jumping into the river.  I was excited to visit another Olympic Stadium especially as the swimming pool was still in action, and I liked eating fruit and granola for breakfast.

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And during the Summer we went on lots of little walks.  Hebden Bridge where we saw some super cute sheep and some incredible unhelpful signs.  The walk was nice, although it took us about 30mins to find the start and then we got lost before the end.

Walk in Hebden Bridge



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