A (Very) Brief History of Holidays

On January 1st 2014 it was 100 years since the birth of commercial aviation. The first flight had just one passanger who won a 23mins flight across Tampa Bay, Florida at auction for $400 ($9,493 in todays money).  Now, on average, more than 8 million fly each day.

Both the price and journey have decreased dramatically for international flights; the first transatlantic flight in 1919 took 23 days with 6 stops along the way (now it’s more like 8hrs). By the 1970’s plane were downright luxourious with loads of space, second floors, bars, probably a few open air swimming pools…

The economy ones I fly in now are less fancy, and the stress of going through airport security and getting up early makes the whole experience less enjoyable.  Also airports had much better shops and eating establishments when I was younger I’m sure.  Always take food with you to the airport that’s my advice.   They are significantly safer these days though.

After the recession newspapers were celebrating the rise of staycations where cash strapped Brits were holidaying in the UK rather than further afield. Although according to an incredibly scientific survey by MyVoucherCodes.co.uk a week in the UK is more expensive than abroad because of the dodgey weather here means speanding more money on indoor entertainment.  Not sure why that surprises everyone, the UK is very expensive.

I’ve been on a few nice mini-breaks though- Liverpool last summer, and Newcastle  the autumn before that.  Trips to London can be fun but get down there can be expensive. I want to go back and visit the V and A again with my new boyfriend, that and the Natural History Museum which are both free and big enough to wander around for days.

It’s harder to trek about without a car but I’d happily go back to Liverpool, Newcastle, or London.  I’m thinking of heading to Glasgow for the first time in a while which is only 45mins commute to Edinburgh.

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