Travel Insurance

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing travel insurance:

  • What kind of a holiday are you going on?
    • Adventure, sight seeing, gap year
  • Who and what do you need cover for?
    • Just you, the family, anyone over 70
  • Do you have medical conditions?
    • Make sure you declare them
  • What’s your budget?

You also need to check the policy over and make sure you consider the following elements and that you’ll be covered for everything you need to be.

  • Baggage
    • Are your personal possessions already covered by your home insurance?  In which case are you paying twice to cover them?
    • Check the single article limit.  The total limit may be £2000 but if single items are only covered up to £200 and your camera cost £300 then it won’t be fully covered.
    • Are the items covered once they are checked onto the plane?  Chances are you would be expected to get compensation from the airline not your insurance.
    • And are they covered if you leave them unattended in your hotel room?
  • Cancellation
    • You will not be able to get cancellation cover for known events. So if a family member has been in hospital for cancer before you buy the insurance, and they pass away before the trip, you probably won’t be covered if you cancel the holiday as you were aware of the illness.
    • It’s extrememly unlikely that you will be covered because of changing personal circumstance such as divorce.
    • And you’re not gonna be covered if you just decide you don’t want to go anymore.
  • Medical
    • Declare your pre-existing conditions even if you don’t want them to be covered or it will invalidate the insurance.  Different companies will have different criteria for what counts as a ‘medical condition’ eg, prescribed medication in the last 12months for it, so don’t assume you don’t need to tell them about something just because you’re not bothered by it.
    • If you add the pre-existing condition on it will probably ramp up the premium so think about whether you’re bothered about it being covered by the policy.  If you’re European and travelling within Europe you’ll be able to use your EHIC card to get discounted treatment in certain countries.
    • Does the policy covered repatriation and air ambulance?  Does it cover docking fees on a cruise (if the ship has to dock so you can be taken to hospital)? Will it cover you for someone you fly out to be with you in hospital?

There are many other elements to an insurance policy but these are the three main ones people are usually interested in.

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