Postcards from Europe

I was looking around my old bedroom and collected all the old postcards I’d been sent and collected.  Actually, I’m sure this isn’t all of them but it was all I could find.  There were quite a few so these are the ones from Europe,  I thought it would be fun to look through them.


From S my high school best friend, visiting Florence, did we all know that Florence in Italian is Firenze? Did we all know that Florence is my name?   Anyway, you can’t get a ‘Florence’ keyring in the UK or in Italy… Dated 15/02/2002

hilsen fra tromso

My mum and dad took a trip around the arctic circle for some inexplicable reason, the report back was that it was cold and dark…also their tour was too expensive, and the reindeer weren’t well looked after.  Anyway, this is from Norway.  Dated 13/08/2008

nik donostia

From sister, from Spain when I was at Uni.  She tells me about a grilled cheese sandwich and then apologises for being American and saying grilled instead of toasted. Sister’s postcards always divert from the norm of merely relaying what she’d done that day.  Stamped 10/x/2007


From S,  on holiday in France, written in pink pen that has now worn a way. A theme emerged in S’s cards of luxury accommodations and excursions.  Dated 26/07/2002


From S, when she was in Italy.  She included a tiny drawing of herself at the top of a tower with trees on the roof.  Back when roof terraces were quite unheard of.  Dated 23/07/2003


From my mum when she visited France for a wedding, apparently the wild flowers are spectacular.    Dated 01/07/2015


From mum when she was visiting Mont Blanc in France, and where she went paragliding. Making me quite jelly.  Dated 18/08/2012.

I’m struck by how pretty foreign stamps are, how dull most postcards are, and left wondering why my mother dates her postcards…


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