Glasgow- The Burrell Collection

The Burrell Collection is situated in Pollock Country Park, and on a nice sunny day it’s quite a nice woodlandsy park.  In fact, when I was last there is was July 2014 when I visited Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games and we did the 5km Parkrun in Pollock Park.  But this time around it was pissing it down, so we headed straight into the Burrell Collection to see some arts.


There are 9,000 pieces in the collection, that Sir William Burrell had been collecting for over 80yrs before gifting  to Glasgow in 1944. In, October the collection is being closed for refurbishment there one of the galleries was closed off as they photographed the pieces to catalogue them before they were moved, and the paintings gallery upstairs were closed due to ‘water ingress’.


But there was enough to see, and we had a cranky baby with us who had a limited tolerance for being out that day.  There are tapestries, paintings (including lots of Degas and Monet), Rodin sculptures, stained glass, Asian ceramics, and furniture.

New folder (2)1New folder (2)

We also had a nice lunch in the cafe, boyfriend had fish and chips, I had baked potato and coleslaw, sister had a sandwich and soup, and baby had half a banana.  We wandered through the gift shop too which had fancy looking jewellery and apparel, but not enough cheap stuff for my liking.  I did appreciate the kilt bags though.


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