Postcards from North America

These are a bunch of the postcards I’ve collected from visits to America, as well as a few I’ve received from Canada.

death valley

death valley 2

I love these postcards from Death Valley, Nevada, they manage to be modern but not tacky, and give a good account of what Death Valley is like.   Although the heat needs to be felt for itself.


You’ll be surprised that this card came from California, and is a depiction of the California flag.  I wanted to get it on a T-shirt but they all looked lame.  At the same time as getting this I bought one with an astronaut on it.


The beautiful Half Dome at Yosemite, the photograph was taken by Ansel Adams who made his fame photographing places like Yosemite and championing the National Park system.


In San Francisco, we took a boat trip to Alcatraz prison.  The prison tour was interesting, and the view of San Francisco bay was quite beautiful.

new york

This is a very exciting postcard from a hotel I stayed in way back in 2005 on my first trip to New York.  I think my mum picked it up for me, the way that mums do.

Niagra Falls

This one is actually from Canada, we sailed on the boat through Niagara Falls.  I seem to recall a long long queue to get on the boat and needing the toilet.



I got this one from my best friend from high school, where she makes a joke about seeing a Mountie. Everyone loves mounties.


And this one is from my sister!

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