Booking My Trip to Sicily and Rome

So we’re about 2 months away from our trip to Italy and it’s pretty much booked…I think!

Initially we were going to go to just Sicily but strangely it’s quite hard to get a direct flight, there are a few from London but then we have to get to London and the whole thing takes longer and costs more.  So, since we have to change in Rome anyway, we thought we’d spend a few days in Rome.

And the plan for Sicily was always to stay in different places on the island.  Given how mountainous the island is most of the other stuff is on the edges, and neither of us can drive. So we had to pick the things we really wanted to see, Palermo the capital, Agrigento and the Valley of The Temples, Mount Etna, and Catania.  So we decided to fly into Palermo and out of Catania so we didn’t waste time traveling back to Palermo.  And spend a couple of nights in each place, and get the train across the island.  So it’s another holiday full of traveling around…

Then we booked all the flights with three different airlines through eDreams.  And a few weeks later sat down to book the hotels and I found the confirmation email from eDreams which I had not properly read which seemed to confirm the wrong dates and scared me quite a lot.  After about 2 hrs I managed to get confirmation of the correct flights and all was right with the world, but it was a few weeks before we had time to sit down and book the hotels.  A lesson here is reading your confirmation emails properly…

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