My 5 Favourite Places

Here are my favourite five places from the last few years of traveling.

  • Mljet, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The whole holiday was awesome, but the island of Mljet is particularly beautiful.  Most of it is a national park so it’s very green, we rent bikes and rode around the island until we reached a swimming lake which was a lot of fun to swim in.  You do have to pay for the ferry, and to enter the national park, and to rent the bikes if you want them so it did get more costly than anticipated.  Still I recommend.

Unknown Person

  • Monterrey, California, USA

This is like holiday town.  Almost certainly my fond memories are because the weather was warm and sunny, we saw loads of seals, and we wandered around without a care in the world watching people jog and cycle along the beach.  I doubt you could really live there, obviously people do but judging from the amount of golf course there are, they are pretty richy rich.


  • Death Valley, Nevada, USA

Death Valley was hot!  It got to at least 40 celsius in April, must be ludicrous in the Summer.  You need a car because the Park is huge and there are very few rest stops, we could only wander around for 10-20mins before having to retreat back to the car for water.  But the scenery was amazing and the extreme temperature was quite an experience.

5 faves places1

  • Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain

It’s about an hour out of Barcelona but was the best part of the trip.  On a clear day you get an amazing view of the mountain and below, and there are little walks you can do around the monastery that sits on top of the mountain.

5 faves places

  • Caldera de Taburiente National Park, La Palma, Spain

Finding the fifth place turned out to be a bit tricky as there were lots of places and holidays I had enjoyed and couldn’t really pick one above the rest.  But the view of the cloud in the Caldera (top of the volcano) was beautiful and something I’d never seen before.



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