San Francisco Vs Los Angeles

I loved my time in California, alas it was too short.  And I really like both San Francisco and Los Angeles but they are quite different, so I thought I’d do a comparison of the two cities.

They were both sunny and warm, very not British in their approach to weather, but San Fransisco was a little chilly and rainy at times, while LA was the place I got sunburnt as you can just about see in the photo below.  You can also see the difference in the topography i.e Frisco is very hilly  and LA is pretty flat (apart from the old Hollywood Hills in the background).  Also SF has cable cars.


San Francisco                            /                                                                                  Los Angeles

Both are on the coast and have fun/ tacky amusements on the waterfront, but LA has Venice Beach which was PACKED full of tourists on the sunny weekend we were there, and some war protestors…also people running, cycling, selling sunglasses and CDs along the street.  SF has the greener Golden Gate Park, which is pretty big, and has the relaxing Japanese Tea Garden in it (you have to pay to go into it, and then pay for tea which is a bit annoying) and a paddock with bison which was cool.


San Fransisco                                                    /                                                          Los Angeles

Collages11San Fransisco- One of the main attractions is very interesting trip to the former prison of Alcatraz. The prison was famously impossible to break out of.

The audio tour and whole experience is well worth it, although go early to avoid the crowds.

Los Angeles- One of the main attractions (best part of our trip to LA) was Paramount Studios.  The guide was really informative and you get driven around the lot in a little golf cart thingy.

You’ve also got the Walk of Fame stars and hand prints which were a little disappointing tbh.

And two interesting, quirky museums were the Musee Mecanique in San Fransisco which is a free-entry privately owned collection of coin-operated arcade games.  I played on a couple of fortune tellers machines, and got a small plastic duck from a machine that gave you small plastic ducks. And the La Brea Tar Pits in LA where pre-historic animals were found preserved in tar pits.  The museum was a lot smaller than I thought it would be and a bit disappointing really but you can see the model animals in the tar pits for free.


San Fransisco                                                    /                                                          Los Angeles

And to finish off, my film photography from my trip to America.  I only have one or two pictures from each place and these sum up my memories of both places.  For SF there’s the Buddha statue from the Japanese Tea Garden, and a view of Hollywood, LA and the flat, white buildings which are sort of like the 1960’s view of the future.

sf vs la

San Fransisco                                                   /                                                           Los Angeles


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