Rome- Colleseum, Forum, Palatine Hill


The Colosseum (or Coliseum) is one of the main tourist attractions in Rome, and its not surprising.  It’s from around AD80 and in pretty good nick, obviously changes have been made since then, in 1200 it was fortified as a castle, and in the C19th there were various restoration projects to spruce it up a bit. There was a major restoration from 1993 to 2000 which cost about 40 billion lire (20.6 million euros), so not surprisingly you have to pay to enter!  We paid 12 euros for a combine ticket to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill.

It’s advisable to buy your ticket in advance to avoid having to queue for one, but even with a ticket you still have to queue to get through security (they do love their metal detectors in Italy). However, it only took 5-10 mins to get in, actually I had to wait longer to use the toilet.  It’s an incredible building, but unfortunately you’re limited as to which bits you can access.  It seemed as though some people with tour guides were allowed into extra sections but obviously you have to pay more for that.

forum and palatine hill

I actually enjoyed the Roman Forum more than the Colosseum, it just felt as though there was more to see. It’s just round the corner from the Colosseum but we had a combined ticket. It’s the ruins of several ancient government buildings, and the centre of Roman life. The ruins spans a longer time period than the Colosseum, from C8th BC to AD C4th, with further alterations made in the C6th when the old structures were transformed into churches, and in C8th and C13th when the buildings were dismantled and rearranged.  And so on…And so there’s kinda of an enjoyable hodge podge or old stuff to explore in various stages of ruinment.

The Forum is 40m below Palatine Hill, so we climbed many, many steps in the hot, hot sun to get to the top and enjoy the great view of the Forum and Colosseum.

forum and palatine hill1

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