Rome Olympic Stadium


I have been collecting Olympic Stadiums, so forced boyfriend to trek out in the hot Rome sun to the old stadium from the 1960 Olympics.  The Stadium is now shared between AS Roma and SS Lazio football teams so now you can only see inside on match days (with a ticket of course).  But instead we looked around at the outside.

stadiumThe construction of the stadium began in 1927, as part of Foro Mussolini. Amazingly there are still mosaics from when the stadium was originally built in the 1930’s which are a mixture of sporty and pro-Mussolini (il duce or the leader).  He’s not exactly been super popular since then, but for the most part the mosaics were in tact.   The Stadium was renovated in the 1950’s in preparation for the Olympics and again in 1990 for the Fifa World Cup.

The other impressive feature we explored was a smaller arena with running track and pitches surrounded by ancient Greek style statues.  This is the Stadio dei Marmi or Stadium of Marbles and was designed in the 1920’s by the Academy of Physical Education.  But it was used for the field hockey preliminaries for the 1960 Olympics, so it counts in my book!


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