Palermo, Sicily- Cathedral

The Palermo Cathedral generally pops up on the list of things to see in Palermo, and I wasn’t that interested in visiting a big church but it actually turned out to be quite cool.


We paid about 7 euros each to see the tombs (not very interesting), the crypt (quite cool), and go up onto the roof (beautiful view), and it was really worth the money.  We had to wait about 5-1o mins before going to the roof as they only let a certain number of people up at a time.


We had to walk up quite a lot of narrow, windy stairs so not for people with mobility issues.  Then walked out onto a relatively narrow ledge (with barriers) along the roof to take pictures of the view, so not for people who are scared of heights (duh).  The view is over Palermo, with the mountains in the background.  Selfies were also taken, by me, and also irritating idiots who stopped as soon as they reached the top blocking the path for the queue of people still stuck on the stairs behind them.  So Italy has morons too…


Then we wandered around and found the crypt in the back (not tonnes of signage telling you where stuff is) and got to see a bunch of old tombs.  It was cool down there but, unfortunately, all the signs were in Italian.


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2 thoughts on “Palermo, Sicily- Cathedral

  1. I just posted on Palermo a while ago 🙂 Will be great to know your thoughts. I loved the city.

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  2. I liked Quattro Canti too! But found it almost impossible to photograph well! I really liked Palermo, shame we couldn’t stay longer.


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